Rohingya Calendar

This will get you arrested in Myanmar! Myanmar‬ ‪Rohingya‬ Calendar in the international language of English will be available for purchase in January.

Bulk orders welcome.

Using award-winning photos and official materials and slickly designed, the calendar tells a factual – empirical verifiable story of Rohingya people: their pre-Union of Burma, pre-British colonial ancestral history, their official indigenous ethnicity, the evolution of Myanmar’s persecution, the evidence of genocide, and the call to end Myanmar’s international human rights crime against the entire ethnic group.

Whether you are a Rohingya, their supporters, diplomats, journalists, academics, business persons, tourists, or human rights activists this is a perfect New Year present. The calendar is conceptualized, designed, published and distributed by the Rohingya intellectuals and the Burmese Buddhist activists and scholars.

This is a calendar that will tell the story of over 2 million Rohingya – inside Burma and in diaspora, the story of the country of Myanmar is attempting to erase, unsuccessfully!

Support the cause.Expose the lies. Spread the word. And help end the slow genocide. You will be able to purchase them on line from  RohingyaCalendar.com  in early January. Including international postage the calendar may be purchased at €12 per unit. If you order larger quantities the price will come down to €10 per unit. The proceeds will be used solely for the activist education and leadership training as well as information/media campaign internationally.


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Dr. Maung Zarni

Dr. Haikal Mansor

Dr. Hla Kyaw

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